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Lecture on the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2009

Today nobody asks any more whether a project management tool is necessary the question today is just which one to use? There are several tools to keep survey within a project. During this dissertation the installation of Redmine will be discussed, to get an appraisal of a concrete use. This means, the complexity of an installation will be regarded as well as the necessary time. The next step will be the region of administration and appliance of projects which will be administered using Redmine. It will be discussed which possibilities of configurations there are and which limits within Redmine exist.

Redmine The Project Management Tool (PDF)

Lecture on the Chemnitzer Linux Days 2009 (linux night)

Within the Linux Night i had the opportunity to give a short speech about the open source project SupoSE.

The Subversion Repository Search Engine (SupoSE) (PDF)

Lectures on the second Subversion Conference 2008

In the Powertrack Subversion on the Subversion Conference 2008 in Munich I have helt four lectures.

  1. Branching Strategies in Software Development

    Branching Strategies - Usage of Branching strategies within Software Development Often the use of branching strategies is neglected out of ignorance.

    Project management can be supported by certain strategies or you can decouple e.g. development and deployment. Another important figure is the possibility to improve the quality. Characteristic factors which point to use such strategies are the repeated occurence of faults which have been solved in earlier versions.

    The communication with the customer is getting more and more important as often the developed software will be used as a base of the customers own software development. Which release does the customer have? Which bugs have been solved? Which features have been implemented? etc. Those are characteristic questions which can be supported by a suitable branching strategy which can avoid ambiguitys.

    The use of branching strategies often leads to an improvement in release-, building-, test-, and change-management as well.

    Branching Strategies (PDF)
  2. Software Collaboration with OpenSource

    There are different tools to improve collaboration within software development. Parts of them are so called software collaboration tools, e.g. Trac, Redmine, GForge in the area of OpenSource.

    The session will show the advantages and disadvantages of the different tools as for example the installation as well as the integration with other tools, as e.g. version control (Subversion).

    Software Collarboration with OpenSource (PDF)
  3. Hook'oholic — What can be done with hook scripts?

    Hook scripts are a very flexible interface within Subversion, which enable different tests on the transmitted data. The most simple of them, e.g. the questions, whether the log-message has a certain length or is conform to a certain format, are just the tip of the iceberg. There is the possibility to develop a system of authorization other than the one offered by Subversion.

    Furthermore there can be made certain tryouts on properties etc. to enable the definition of different properties as compulsory.

    Hook'oholic (PDF)
  4. The pain of versions - Searching within one or more repositories

    Often a problem occurs to search for files or their contents within a Subversion repository. Based on existing frameworks like Lucene, Quartz, SVNKit etc. it is possible to create a search engine which scans multiple repositories and provides the contents and so it is possible to search within multiple repositories. This enables to search in a simple and fast way.

    SupoSE (Subversion Repository Search Engine) offers exactly such kind of functionality. The aim is the introduction of the search engine and its concepts and to show which possibilities exist and which not. Feedback of the auditorium would be welcome to see which enhancements are needed and which might be superfluous.


Lecture on the Subversion Conference 2007

Bringing Subversion to the next level

The lecture will show up the concepts, the usage and the installation of SVK as a decentralized version control tool. It give you explanations of typical use cases where you can use SVK instead of plain Subversion.

Bringing Subversion to the next level? (PDF)

Lecture on the Open Source Database Conference 2006

db4o the alternative?

The use of an Object Oriented (OO) database is not very popular yet, however the db4o offers a real alternative to 'normal' databases. Being OO and at the same time an embedded database, it can be used very easily and without any administrative efforts. The application itself and the limits of its use will be presented.

db4o (PDF)

Lecture on the PHP Conference 2006

Business Integration of GForge per SOAP

GForge in a platform, which offers the integration of bug tracker, wiki, issue tracking and version control. It will be shown the integration of GForge using SOAP in a proof of concept using Java. It will be talkes about the pro's and con's during the integration.

Business Integration mit GForge (PDF)

Sorry only available in german at present.

Vortrag auf der PHP Conference 2006

Simple testing of web applications with SimpleTest

The usage, possiblities and limitations of SimpleTest during web application testing will be talked about and some examples of hands on will be shown and how to present test results.

SimpleTest (PDF)

Sorry only available in german at present.

Lectures on the FrOSCon 2006

During the software development Bug trackers, wikis and version control systems will be used separatley. But what you need is an integration of each of those tools into one. It is important to make a colaboration of these tools to improve the software development cycle. This colaboration is the main intention of Trac.

Software Collaboration mit Trac (PDF)

Lecture on the FrOSCon 2006

Distributed Version Control with SVK

The using of Subversion is widley distributed, but if you are on traveling and only sometimes a connection to a Subversion server is available. SVK is the tool you need.

Distributed Version Management (PDF)

Lecture on the Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2006

Subversion is getting more and more important even in non commercial areas. This is an introduction step by step, i.e. creation of a repository, importation of the first project into Subversion etc. The installation of Subversion is also explained.

Introduction into Subversion (PDF)

Sorry only available in german at present.

Lecture on the PHPConference 2005

The testing of web applications is nearly always a problem connected with a lot of time and hard work. The efforts of testing and maintenance can be minimized by the use of web tests such as JWebUnit. Also work can be made easier by the automation of tests e.g. by utilization of Ant.

A further problem with web applications is that nearly always relational databases are involved. But even there is a solution.

Further details please read in the lecture Welten vereinigt euch! Testen von PHP Applikationen mit Java Tools (PDF), which unfortunately is only available in german at present.